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    With a unique attitude and history, Buondi invites you to learn more about what is behind the brand.

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    BUONDI is a Portuguese brand and a leading supplier to the coffee sector, distinguished by its intense values ​​of innovation, passion and excellent service.

    Founded in Porto, in 1986, it was incorporated within the Nestlé Group in 1993. Its tag line - "Intensamente" (intensely) - is associated with the intensity that has always characterised the flavour of its coffee, serving and intensively innovating its product portfolio. BUONDI is a leading brand - for anytime, anywhere.

    Buondi - A Buondi - Sabor Intenso



    The tag line "Intensamente" (intensely) also summarizes BUONDI's attitude and essence, in the way that it sees life: intense, genuine and lived to the full. BUONDI is a young and urban brand, with a strong connection to Portuguese beaches and surfing.

    Buondi - A Buondi - Atitude Intensa

    Every day, as soon as the sun rises, BUONDI invites you to escape from your normal routine, and embrace an Outdoor lifestyle and moments of conviviality.



    In 1989, a young, bold and challenging brand, made a commitment to a territory that identified with its target - BUONDI Instinct Pro was born - the first time that the first stage of a world surfing event was ever held in Portugal.

    Buondi - A Buondi - Pioneira do Surf em Portugal

    Since then, BUONDI's path has developed in close tandem with several national and international surfing events, and beyond. BUONDI identifies itself, above all, with the lifestyle associated with surfing. A relaxed way of life, with respect for people and the planet. Nowadays BUONDI maintains a daily presence and is very close to the surfing community. It supports the promotion and sharing of information and experiences among the fans of this sport. Like surfing itself, BUONDI has evolved to support the democratisation of this sport.



    BUONDI is a brand that invites you to get more out of each day and live life intensely. To make the most of every day it is essential to do this consciously.

    Throughout its 30 years of history, the BUONDI brand has been promoting greater environmental awareness, especially in beach environments, addressing issues such as the need to protect natural resources and reduce and separate waste, BUONDI intends to continue to play a proactive and pedagogical role in this field, accelerating as much as possible and on specific topics related to environmentally and socially sustainable and responsible solutions. In this context, and in different aspects of its initiatives, BUONDI establishes partnerships with public figures or entities and / or Non-Governmental Organisations, in addition to its own customers, with whom it shares the same core values ​​- respect for people and the planet. BUONDI's attitude is guided by respect for the sea, the sun, the planet and people.



    BUONDI has a historical connection to the field of Music, dating back to the good old days of the BUONDI CAFÉ in Porto.

    In recent times BUONDI has been present at major events, such as the Vilar de Mouros Music Festival, ROCK IN RIO Lisboa and SuperBock em Stock.