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    Parasols that make the air cleaner

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    Made of sprayed fabric using Pureti technology, these terrace sunshades make the air cleaner through the action of the sunlight and water vapour.

    This innovation is the result of a partnership between two companies:

    • EZPELETA, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, parasols and other outdoor articles and a strategic partner of Nestlé; 
    • PURETI ou PURETi Group, LLC, a US manufacturer of surface treatments engaged in developing solutions to improve the quality of indoor and outdoor air. With licensed distributers in Italy and Spain.

    Ezpeleta and Pureti joined together and the result was an innovative parasol. 
    Ezpeleta is a strategic and longstanding partner of Nestlé, specifically of the Buondi trademark.

    How does the parasol work?

    By applying Pureti technology to the fabric of the parasol. 
    Pureti is the name given to the compound composed of water (H2O) and ultrafine particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which can be applied to various types of surfaces such as fabrics or glass. This is sprayed on to the surface and works through a photocatalysis reaction.

    This photocatalysis reaction occurs in the presence of sunlight, water vapour (existing in the air as humidity), titanium dioxide (TiO2) and air (airflow). Titanium dioxide acts as catalyst (accelerates a reaction without being consumed in it). 
    So, photo ue to the light and catalysis due to the presence of a catalyst.

    The sunlight falling on the parasol activates the titanium dioxide (TIO2) and accelerates the decomposition of various substances present in the air into substances that are not harmful to the environment (hydroxyl radicals – OH).

    For example, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) are decomposed during this reaction. NOx and SOx are among the most common and known contaminants present in the atmospheric air, as well as particulates and other gases.

    The TIO2 is not consumed during the reaction, so, it can continue to occur innumerable times until only inoffensive gases remain.

    The reaction taking place on the parasol is illustrated here.

    Parasols that make the air cleaner

    Who certified this process?

    This process is certified by the International Photocatalyst Standards (IPS) Testing Centre of the University of Belfast. 
    The IPS is an independent organisation that verifies and analyses processes involving photocatalysis, pursuant to ISO standards.

    How to obtain further information?

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