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    Currently, Nestlé Portugal's coffee factory located in Porto already guarantees more than 89% of its brands' coffee production through sustainable cultivation (after having finished 2019 at 77%).
    This factory that produces Nestlé Professional's BUONDI coffee batches is now reinforcing its commitment to achieving 100% cultivated production from responsible sources by 2022.

    To obtain this classification it is necessary to guarantee conditions that are based on economic, social and environmental dimensions - which protect not only the planet and the environment, but also the communities of coffee producers. This includes ensuring the traceability of coffee beans to the producer, using agricultural practices that protect the soil and use natural resources efficiently, not contributing to deforestation and fostering biodiversity. In addition, it is also important to guarantee quality training for farmers and producers - in order to improve the productivity and profitability of plantations, and their working and living conditions.

    Logo Compromisso café 100% cultivo sustentável

    All these criteria are recognised by external entities and validated by independent organisations, such as 4C Services and/or the Rainforest Alliance, which work together with accredited local auditors to assess practices in accordance with established standards.

    The 4C – Common Code Association for the Coffee Community – criteria ensure that coffee cultivation does not contribute to deforestation and loss of biodiversity; that good agricultural practices and protection of soil, water and air are used during coffee production; that human and labour rights are respected; and that farmers have adequate training.

    Compromisso café 100% cultivo sustentável
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    Other Initiatives

    Programa Café Circular

    Dá mais vida às tuas plantas, Dá mais vida ao planeta.

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    Um movimento que nos convoca para agir em prol do planeta e da comunidade, com mais consciência ambiental e atenção à inclusão social. Junta-te a este movimento!

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    Buondi Surf Sessions 2021

    The BUONDI Surf Sessions returned to the Portuguese beaches and invited children and adults with motor, visual or cognitive disabilities for an adapted surf lesson.

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    100% Recyclable Tables and Chairs

    BUONDI's outdoor tables and chairs contribute to the commitment to sustainability by being made of 100% recyclable plastic and already incorporating more than 50% recycled plastic.

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    Commitment for Sustainable Growth

    BUONDI intends to continue to have a proactive and pedagogical role in this field, accelerating as much as possible and on concrete issues, solutions that are environmentally and socially sustainable and responsible

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    Parasols that make the air cleaner

    BUONDI parasols are the product of a partnership with Ezpeleta and Pureti. Made of sprayed fabric using Pureti technology, these terrace sunshades make the air cleaner through the action of the sunlight and water vapour.

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    New Ready-to-Recycle Packaging

    BUONDI has just launched new packaging designed to be recycled. BUONDI Prestige, in 1kg packs – intended for professional clients – is the first to be provided in packaging material made of 100% recyclable plastic for disposal in the yellow recycling bins.

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    Buondi Surf Sessions 2020

    BUONDI Surf Sessions have returned to the Portuguese beaches. The 6th edition is here, this time with the grand debut of the first sustainable eco boards adapted to special needs.

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    The Ecomobile, developed by BUONDI, followed all the brand's events held on the beaches.

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    The Official Coffee of the National Surfing Team

    BUONDI has a strong identification with the lifestyle associated with surfing. A relaxed way of life, with respect for people and the planet.

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    Buondi - Programa Café Circular
    BUONDI AMAPRAIA - Limpar tem sorrisos para dar!
    Buondi Surf Sessions 2021
    Mesas e Cadeiras 100% Recicláveis
    Compromisso Crescer Sustentável
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    Ecomóvel Buondi
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